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Model # HS3047-B

🌲 Introduction:
Meet the HZC 30T Vertical Log Splitter with Briggs & Stratton 6.5Hp Engine - the epitome of power and efficiency in log splitting. This state-of-the-art machine is engineered to transform cumbersome logs into firewood with ease and precision. Whether you are a homeowner looking to stock up for the winter or a business owner in the firewood industry, the HZC 30T VERTICAL Log Splitter is your ultimate companion for high-performance log splitting.

🔥 Key Features & Benefits:

  •  Powerful Engine: Briggs & Stratton 6.5Hp engine ensures high performance and endurance.
  •  30 Tonne Splitting Force: Tremendous force capable of splitting even the toughest logs.
  •  15s Wood Splitting Cycle with Auto Return: Quick and efficient log splitting.
  •  Maximum 600mm Length Log Splitting: Accommodates longer logs for versatile splitting.
  •  Vertical Operating Position: Offers ease of use and adaptability.
  •  Wire Rope Suspension Lifting Platform: Facilitates easy lifting of logs to working height with automatic positioning.
  •  Ultra Big Log Table: Provides ample space for placing logs.
  •  Heavy-Duty Construction: Reinforced beam and axe head with chip-resistant hammertone finish.
  •  2-Year Engine Warranty & 2-Year Machine Warranty: For peace of mind and protection of your investment.
  •  Assembled with HZC Power Team in Australia: Ensures high-quality assembly and support.

💪 Empowering Your Log Splitting Tasks:
The HZC 30T VERTICAL Log Splitter is designed to empower you in your log splitting tasks. With its powerful engine and 30-tonne splitting force, it tackles even the most robust logs with ease. The wire rope suspension lifting platform and ultra-big log table not only make the process efficient but also reduce the physical strain. Whether you are preparing firewood for personal use or for sale, this log splitter is designed to make your work faster, easier, and more efficient.

🚀 Elevate Your Log Splitting Game Today!
Don’t let the laborious task of log splitting hold you back. Elevate your log splitting game with the HZC 30T VERTICAL Log Splitter. With power, efficiency, and precision at your fingertips, now is the time to take control. Get your HZC 30T VERTICAL Log Splitter today and experience the revolution in log splitting!